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A Fun, Personal Sex Story

One girl, Two Guys, Dark Basement

Well our story begins in an unfinished, dungeon-like basement with only the light of the TV making it possible to see. The girl is served some delicious alcohol to get her ready. Once the drink had kicked in, one of the boys pushed her from the couch to the floor where she got on her knees. But, according to him, this position was going to be to comfortable for her. He pulled her around so she could put her mouth on his cock. She licked all over it: up the shaft, around the head, and back down to lick his balls that she played with even after she started moving back up his rather large cock. The other guy was ready. He grabbed her and pulled her around so she was on her hands and knees. At this point, she proceeds to put her mouth on his cock. This one was different, she put her mouth as deep as she could and licked around the head while providing suction. All the while massaging his balls. But guy number one isn’t being idle. He penetrates her so deeply that she lets out a small, involuntary scream and he begins to fuck her as hard as either could handle. His hands pulling her onto him even harder by grasping her breasts. The one in her mouth finishes. She doesn’t let him go that easily, she keeps licking until he pushes her off. Now, all of her focus is on getting fucked. She reaches back to massage his balls while he pounds her and rubs her breasts. He comes closes to finishing but she wants it in her mouth and he knows that. He pulls out and pulls her around to put it in her mouth. She knows what to do. She doesn’t suck deep but instead goes up and down faster than he’s ever seen, she uses one hand to rub his balls and the other to rub his shaft where her mouth won’t reach. It doesn’t take long and her mouth is full of his delicious cum. She swallows like always and he follows suit and pushes her off. She did her job and is no longer needed. Pleasure All Around. (;

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